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Boxing Fitness Classes

Boxing Fitness Training Sessions! We have helped our clients lose between 20 and 150 pounds with our training methods! Click below for more information.

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Boxing Skill & Conditioning Classes

Boxing Skill & Conditioning Classes Coming Soon! Learn how to Box! Bring out your inner boxer! Click below for more information.

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Kickboxing Fitness Classes

Learn Kickboxing Fitness the right way and get results! Click below for more information.

Kickboxing Skill & Conditioning Classes

Kickboxing skill & conditioning classes coming soon!! Click below to learn more.

Personal Training

We provide personalized programs to meet any goal. Check out the programs. Click below.

We will be offering our training program for youth. They will be trained in a sound boxing system that will teach the fundamentals of the boxing science. Our coaches have been well trained, have tons of REAL boxing training, are prepping to compete, or have boxing competition experience.

Our program will break age groups down in the following manner.

1. Junior Olympian Program ( Ages 7 - 12 ) 
2. Cadets ( Ages 13- 15 ) 
3. Teens ( Ages 16 -17 ) 

Registration begins on Jan. 8th 
Program begins week of Jan. 29th 
Equipment needed: boxing gloves, hand wraps

Youth Boxing Program

Youth Boxing Program coming soon!! a program for youths ages 7 - 17. Click below to learn more.

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