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Boxing Fitness Classes

Boxing Fitness Training Sessions! We have helped our clients lose between 20 and 150 pounds with our training methods! Click below for more information.

Boxing Fitness Classes

We offer 30 and 45 min training sessions. We don't call them workouts. Why? Because there is a huge difference between working out and training. Professional athletes train with an end goal in place. We teach you the difference and teach you how to maximize your results.

You can burn up to 600 calories or more in our training sessions if done correctly. We teach you proper form and introduce you to the training protocols of a professional boxer in a safe environment. These sessions meet you at your current fitness level and will push you to reach your personal " Highpoint".

You will experience strength training, agility training, and more to get you the sculpted physique that you are looking for! No need to be intimidated! We work together and provide a great community that provides support and motivation!

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