We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill training for all of our members. Our classes follow a curriculum designed by our trainers to help you learn the art of boxing.  The goal is to educate you progressively so that you can eventually take the sparring classes. You will also have the opportunity to move into the ranks of competition.  You may train where you like and at what level that you like. We do not force members to spar or to do sparring drills if you do not want to. You may do the skill classes just to sharpen your skill set for the fitness classes.

Boxing Beginner & Intermediate Level

Beginners and intermediate members train together. This is the first step for you is this class. This is a great starting point for those that want to begin learning the art. This class is also great for fitness members that want to hone their skill set for the fitness classes. This class will help you to learn the basic / intermediate  foundations of boxing from: 

  • Stance & Foot work

  • Basic Punch Combinations.

  • Basic defense

  • Counter Punching

  • Heavy Bag drills

  • Partner Drills

  • Offensive Strategy

  • Defensive strategy


Advanced Training 

In our advanced training class you do not have to be "Advanced", or an experienced boxer to take this class. This class is for individuals that want to focus on technique and learn how to spar. Sparring can be an enjoyable experience if done correctly and under the proper supervision. This class will  focus on:

  • Sparring Drills

  • Advanced Punch Combinations

  • Ring Strategy 

  • Advanced Defense

  • Advanced Partner Drills

  • Trainer Mitt Work Drills 

Sparring Classes

We offer two levels of sparring classes. You will have to get approval from our coaching staff to attend these classes. As a pre -requisite, it is mandatory that you take the skill classes prior to putting in a request for the sparring classes.


Level 1 Intro To Sparring Class:


You will learn the basics of sparring in this class. This class prepares you for our  next level of sparring.This class will be full of drilling and teaching. You will learn ring generalship, ring strategy, and more.


Level 2 Advanced Sparring Class:


This is reserved for those that have taken our various levels of classes and have completed the training to participate in this class. This is also for those that are training for competition, or have previous sparring of fight experience.

Coming Soon

Skill Kickboxing 

The kick boxing program will focus on:

  • Foundations of Kick boxing

  • K-1 Kick boxing fundamentals

  •  Kick boxing for mma

  • offense

  • Defense

  • Dutch Style Kick boxing 

  • Amateur Competition 

  • Striking for mma

We will be taking registration for the program beginning of Feb. Click the button below.

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