Our workouts have been developed from over 20 years experience of training top athletes that have competed in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mma. We have taken the structure and conditioning methods that these athletes use to get in tremendous shape, and implement them into our training protocol.

As a result, we are able to get you in shape using battle tested methods that work! Our programs are for everyone regardless of their fitness levels. Our workouts are non - contact. Our workouts are designed specifically for individual that is looking for a balanced program that works, and allows the beginner to move progressively throughout the workouts. We welcome adult women and men, as well as teenage boys and girls to our program. Many parents train alongside their sons and daughters.

Arrive up to 5 minutes before class to wrap your hands. Our trainers will help you along every step of the way to make you comfortable and to create an enjoyable experience during each class! We are here for you and no one gets left behind!

We Get Results!
Check out our gallery below. We have helped numerous people get results! We have had clients that have lost between 20 and 100 pounds over time. 


This is a high  - intensity  interval based workout that focuses on learning the basics of boxing while getting you into great shape. We combine sports specific conditioning and drills to help you reach your fitness goals.


This interval workout combines punching and kicking combinations to give you a great workout. Our trainers will push you get the best workout possible and burn up to 1,000 calories in a1 hour  workout.

Strength Training

We offer strength training programs to members and non members. You may choose from the option of meeting with a trainer weekly, or meeting once per month to review your program and then completing it on your own. We provide a complete evaluation and assessment before designing your program. 

Private Training

We offer 1:1 private training and semi private training for small groups up to 6. We can tailor the routine to your liking ranging from skill, conditioning, or a mixture of both. 

Nutrition Plan

We offer two types of nutrition plans. We offer a general plan that jump starts you  establishing basic nutrition concepts. We also offer a specialized meal plan that is tailored to your activity level and nutritional needs. 

What a Workout Looks Like? 

Warm Up

The warm up consists of calisthentics, agility, and basic boxing basics. You will also perform jump rope drills that professional fighters. 

The Rounds

Our rounds range from 3 mins. to 5 mins. and vary from there. We incorporate a variety of drills during this time. All of our drills are sports specific to the sports of boxing or kickboxing

Core & Conditioning

This portion of the workout is dedicated to abdominal work and conditioning. This part is based on minute drills, and other sports specific drills.


Cool Down

 This time is dedicated to stretching and cooling the body down. Workout over now it is time to have a protein shake relax and have a   

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