We have developed policies to help keep our members safe. Please review the policies below. We expect all of our members to comply. If you have any questions please contact us through email. 

General Cleaning Policies

  1. Heavy bags, floor area, and other equipment used are cleaned in between ALL classes.  All classes are 30 mins or 45 mins. in length with a 15 min. gap between classes to allow for cleaning of equipment.

  2. Cleaning of equipment is done with a viracidal cleaner or bleach water solution mixed according to CDC standards. 

  3. Hand sanitizer and cleaning solutions have been placed throughout the gym. Please use to clean your gloves, and clean hands after your class.

General Gym policies

  1. All members must wear masks entering and leaving the facility.

  2. During exercise, wearing a mask is optional. This recommendation follows the mandate issued by the CDC concerning exercise. Please refer to www.cdc.gov for more information.

  3. All members must stay 6 feet apart for proper social distancing.

  4. Members must register for classes on www.schedulicity.com Walk-ins are not allowed. If you are not registered you will not be able to attend class. Class schedule will be put out 30 days in advance.

  5. Members must clean the equipment and heavy bags that are individually used during class. You will be provided with a viracidal or bleach water mixture and cloth to clean equipment used.

  6. Children ages 7 - 13 are allowed to sit in the waiting area only! Masks must be worn. If children cannot sit and occupy themselves, they will not be allowed in the gym during classes.

  7. You must have your own equipment to participate in class. We no longer have loaner equipment.

  8. If you have a friend that is interested in our program please have them refer to the Get Started page on this website. Walk in trials are no longer permitted.

  9. Please Refrain from placing towels, cloth, etc. in your mouth while in the facility and taking class! 

  10. Gloves must be worn during class while hitting the heavy bags

  11. We encourage you to clean your hands with hand sanitizer, and wash your hands after each class. Hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the gym. 

  12. If you have a respiratory condition, or disease that may cause you to have consistant bouts with coughing or sneezing, you MUST wear a mask to cover your mouth at all times in the gym and during your workout. 

  13. If you are sick or have symptoms of Covid 19 STAY HOME.

  14. If you believe that you have been exposed to someone that has symptoms of Covid 19, been around someone that has symptoms of Covid 19 in your personal life please stay home and begin a 14 day quarantine. DO NOT COME TO THE GYM.


Travelling Policy

​If you plan to travel to the following states listed below, you must quarantine yourself for 14 days. This is per Governor Tom Wolf. 

1. Alabama

2. Arizona

3. Arkansas

4. California

5. Delaware


7. Georgia

8. Idaho

9. Iowa

10. Kansas

11. Lousiana

12. Mississippi


14. North Carolina

15.  Oklahoma

16. South Carolina

17. Tennessee

18. Utah

*** If you plan on having a vacation in one of these states please inform us of your plans through email 5 days prior to the date of your trip. This is MANDATORY. 

Failure to not adhere to our policies may result in suspension of membership without refund.

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